Twig's SE Reflections - Juvenilia Series

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Twig's SE Reflections - Juvenilia Series

Anthony Twig Wheeler
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Oh. You're hot on the trail of something good. However, it's been removed from this platform. You can now find the Juvenilia Series at SE-Reflections.com/offerings


Original Video Episodes of Twig's SE Reflections Juvenilia.

Created for SE Students and Practitioners...

These episodes are actually really good in their own right. Just a different style then I ended up going with. 

Tips are always appreciated as they help me stay safe and keep things moving forward. But really, these are free. Put a $0 or more in the money box, add an email and you'll have access via the web or a mobile App to view these original Twig's SE Reflections episodes. 

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get online access to Twig's current collection of Juvenilia from his SE Reflection Podcast Project

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